Thoughts on Mother’s Day

1. I still think of myself as a new mum. After all, I’m less than two years into the job and I’m learning new things every day. If this were a paid, fully trained, 9-to-5 job I’d barely be out of my probationary period. I’d be working with my line manager on a Development Plan that would help me become more confident in my mothering skills and ultimately move higher up the ranks. You know, to Mummy Manager. But it wouldn’t happen overnight and I’d certainly sit through a few training courses beforehand. As it happens, this job doesn’t come with its own HR department to help you transition your way from ‘newbie mummy’ to ‘fully experienced and capable Mother of Two’. It’s no wonder I feel a bit out of my depth some of the time.

2. Being a mother is the hardest thing I have ever had to do. That’s not saying much, considering I’ve never flown an airplane or performed major heart surgery or delivered a baby or fought in a war. In fact, my toughest job before this was picking mushrooms in my neighbour’s mushroom house when I was fifteen. Or maybe as a student making egg mayonnaise sandwiches while severely hung over when I worked in a café at the back of Trinity College. But in my limited experience, nothing beats the emotional and physical roller-coaster of (mostly) highs and (the odd) low of being a Mother and being completely and utterly responsible for the most precious people on earth.

3. I never appreciated what my mummy did for us when we were younger. I’ve only realised recently that she didn’t get a proper night’s sleep for the guts of twenty years. She was always up in the night at least once or twice checking on us, even when we were far too old to be checked on.

4. Maggie was unwell a few weeks ago and all she wanted was her mummy. It made me feel like the most important person in the world, and also made me feel the most vulnerable. I realised I would do anything to stop my baby being sick and would wish it on me ten times over instead. It’s a feeling that never leaves you.

(Oh, and I still whimper for my mummy when I’m really sick).

5. A few of my good friends lost their mummies recently and I could cry for them on a day like today. Even though I would lay down my life for my girls without a second’s hesitation, I hope I have lots more years to see my baby girls grow up and accomplish their dreams. But if we believe that Mummies are angels on earth, then they most definitely are our guardian angels when in Heaven.

6. I used to think that Mother’s Day was commercial exploitation created by Hallmark to sell more greetings cards. (It’s not, but Grandparent’s Day definitely is!) In fact the Mother’s Day we celebrate today is a combination of Mothering Sunday – a Christian holiday celebrated throughout Europe since the sixteenth century, and Mother’s Day – first celebrated in America in 1908 by Anna Jarvis who began a campaign to make “Mother’s Day” a recognised holiday in the US. I’m glad it has a legitimate history – it’s right to remember and celebrate mummies everywhere.

7. Being a mummy of two doesn’t mean that you divide your love in half. In fact, if it is possible I love my girls even more than ever. It is just wonderful to watch Maggie being such an adoring and caring big sister to Elsie. And Elsie is a 3-week bundle of joy and gorgeousness.

8. It is much easier to be a good Mummy when you are married to a good Daddy. I love the relationship John has with the girls – it’s a joy to behold.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you ummy, yummy mummies out there.


I was robbed!

I was robbed on Friday night. I don’t write that as someone bitter about not winning the Fresh Voice! award at Britmums annual Brilliance in Blogging awards. In fact the winner, Mamasaurus, is a devoted blogger and a deserved recipient.  No, I mean it literally not figuratively. After the awards ceremony I went to All-Bar-One with three newbie blogger friends I had met earlier in the evening and some git nicked my phone.

The irony is that i’d just been chastised by my more experienced blogging friends for not using my iPhone (and all the relevant social networking apps) better.  One was visibly aghast when I told her that I rarely used Twitter and that I’d only 75 followers on it. ‘How on earth did you make it to the BiBs finals?’ was the thing they all wanted to know. ‘Hell, I don’t know’, I said, ‘maybe it was a mistake!’. Whatever the answer one thing was for sure. If I wanted to take this blogging malarkey seriously then I needed to get over my ambivalence towards Twitter and get over it quick. I needed to build up my Twitter following and devote much more time tweeting to others. Both things were interlinked, they assured me. And it seemed that- through my lack of either followers or tweets – I’d got myself into a Catch-22 situation. Although it still didn’t explain how I’d made it to the finals.

I made a resolution there and then to be a better blogger, to buy a ticket for next year’s Britmums conference and to spend more quality blog time on my iPhone. And then some effer stole it. Grrr.

Blogging Awards

BritMums is the UK’s largest network of mummy (and Dad) bloggers which started life in 2008. There are now thousands of parent blogging sites, something I only realised after I launched Baby Loves Porridge (Mummy Loves Wine) last month. BritMums are launching their annual Brilliance in Blogging Awards – the BiBs – highlighting the best of parent blogging and recognising the most creative, inventive and compelling blogging of the year. Honestly, this blogging malarkey is Big Business.


It’s a bit early for a little blog like mine to get nominated for big girl awards, but if you think it deserves it click this link now NOMINATE ME
and fill out
Blog name: Baby Loves Porridge

You can nominate your favourite blogs in 12 categories, but I would say if Baby Loves Porridge qualifies for any it would only be in 2 categories – Fresh Voice! and Lit! (their exclamation mark, not mine).

Voting closes in 2 days, so get voting!

Thanks bloggettes & bloggeurs


Welcome to my blog

I am thrilled that eight of my good friends are pregnant & due to have little bambini in 2012. So, before my mushy brain forgets everything that the last 8 months have taught me, I have decided to share some of the advice and funny stories that helped me get through those first, mad, wonderful, crazy, incredible few months with my little duck. And of course we are still learning on the job so I hope all you mummies out there will continue to share your advice and entertain us with your witty banter.

So, to my scrummy mummies & mummies-to-be, this blog is for you. Enjoy!

Love Me & Maggie aka Missy, Duck, baby bean (8 1/4months)

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