We have a Toof!

This week, Maggie’s Toof finally arrived. Hoorah! As if she wasn’t cute enough, there’s now one little sharp stump of enamel where once there was gum. I am very excited, as it means she is finally part of the Tooth Gang with the rest of her baby peers, despite being one of the oldest in the group. More importantly, of course, I hope that it means the start of the end to her teething pain and thus the end of her very limited food choices. She’s been surviving on a diet of porridge, toast, cheese and banana for ages now, so perhaps she’ll feel more up to trying out weird and wonderful things like meat, vegetables and spuds.

Thankfully we haven’t had it too bad. Apart from her Healthy Hunger Strike, there have only been a few days of teething tears. But it does seem as if she’s been teething for months now, bless her. There’s not lots you can do about it, but here are some of the Teething Tips I’ve come across so far to help ease the pain.

1. Over the counter medicines


Teething solutions you can buy in any chemist or supermarket include teething gels, powders, Anbesol liquid etc. I use Dentinox and Nelson’s Granules during a bad flare-up and the odd spoonful of Calpol when Missy has woken at night. For some reason she loves to chew on the tube of Dentinox too, but I don’t think that’s recommended.

2. Teething Rings

Biting helps to relieve the pressure on the gum, and you’ll often find that your duck will use your finger or knuckle to bite on for some respite. You can get a teething dummy that reminds me of a mouth-shield you would use on a rugby pitch. This was definitely one of Maggie’s favourite things when she first started teething a few months ago. You can put teething gel inside but I couldn’t figure out how to do that without it sticking everywhere so I tended not to use it. It was still very effective. There are lots of teething rings in the market, but again for best results keep them chilled in the fridge.

Of course the teething toy du jour is the original French teething toy, Sophie the giraffe. Ever since it has been seen clutched in the hands of Nicole Richie’s daughter, Harlow, it has been something of a status teether, with yummy mummies (and doting daddies) everywhere forking out the £12 or so for this cute rubber friend. It has been consistently one of the top 3 baby products on Amazon’s wish list since they started selling it in 2008. Hype aside, it’s a very cute and effective little toy. And it squeaks too, which allows for hours of annoying pleasure in the hands of an older toddler cousin as we have learned!

3. Frozen fruit & vegetables

Let your baba chew on some cold vegetables or fruit to help numb the pain. The ones most mummies have recommended are cold sticks of cucumber, frozen carrots or frozen watermelon. My childminder recommended letting a few frozen peas rattle around their gums, but sure I was terrified of choking so wasn’t too keen. I shouldn’t have worried, though. Due to Missy’s Healthy Hunger Strike she rejected them anyway!

4. Muslin Squares

Take a muslin square, twist the end of it, submerge in water and put in the freezer for the duck to gnaw. Or dip it in some chamomile tea instead. Another reason why we adore the humble muslin square. Its uses are endless!

5. Homeopathic remedies


There are lots of homeopathic remedies I’ve read about. Clove oil and Chamomilla seem to be mentioned often for helping to relieve red, sore gums. (Or using stuff from the kitchen, mix ground cloves or root ginger into a paste with water and rub onto their gums). I’ve often seen the Amber Teething Necklace mentioned on websites and blogs, which is a natural painkiller, releasing succinic acid which relieves inflamed gums.

6. Nappy Rash

One of the first signs of teething can be a sore, red bum. I have just discovered Kamillosan Nappy cream from my friend Sarah which I do think has worked well, especially since I was lashing on the Sudacrem and it wasn’t clearing it. Weleda also has a nappy cream in its range. If you can bear it, let them roll about for a while in the buff; it is bound to be a relief for them. Maggie’s nappy rash did worsen a few weeks ago so we used Canesten to clear it up.

But of course, there is a long road ahead. We’re only just at tooth no. 1 so we’ve quite some way to go. If other things have worked for you and your little bear, please share your wisdom. Now we are off to buy baby’s first toothbrush. Oh, joy!

The BFG (The Breast Feeding Guide)

I wouldn’t dream of beginning to tell anyone how to BF, how long to do it for, or how important or not it is. It is probably the most controversial thing you will discuss if you are a new mum (particularly in London I have found more so than in Northern Ireland), with new mums and midwives/health visitors getting very vocal about this topic in particular.

It is such a personal experience and, for some people, it just doesn’t happen for one reason or another. There’s lots of help out there if you are struggling- midwives, BF clinics, BF support groups, your NCT friends – so don’t be afraid to scream and shout! But for others it goes swimmingly and is the b(r)est, most natural thing in the world.

Miranda Kerr breastfeeding, not me. Indeed.

If you plan to give it a go, there are some tips I can share to get you started at least.

1. Nursing Bras


Buy a couple of nursing bras – you will live in them, and very possibly sleep in them (I did!) so you’ll need a couple at least: maybe 2 x dark and 2 x white or nude to go with your wardrobe. M&S have a bra fitting service which is handy, so go along to get measured up a few weeks before you are due.

2. Breast Pads


Buy Breast Pads before bambino arrives. I would recommend Lansinoh – I bought their Disposable Nursing Pads and they were great as they have double sticky pads and are very absorbent. They’re also pretty cheap. My friend Orla highly recommended Tommee Tippee ones but I never tried them. I did try the cheaper own label ones but they were pants and kept falling out of my bra. LilyPadz are new ‘invisible’ pads which are great for a night out with no lumps and bumps showing.
Start with one pack and go from there.

3. Nursing chair


Some mums swear by a nursing cushion or chair to ease pressure on their backs when they are feeding. I’m not sure, I did use a cushion for my bump when I got very big towards the end of my pregnancy and it helped me sleep, but I could never get the knack of using it as a BF cushion. I did buy a gorgeous nursing chair from Fergus at The Pine Box in Coalisland and I use it now to read Maggie a story at night. It also looks very pretty in her room (which is the most important thing, right?)

4. Maternity tops


When you are BF your wardrobe becomes pretty limited. If like me you spent the last 8 weeks of pregnancy wearing more or less the same thing because nothing else fitted, you’ll be dying to get into something new and fresh. There are special nursing tops you can buy but I did loads of online searches and found them all quite hideous. Best to get normal tops in a bigger size that you can easily pull down so as not to reveal your belly and boobs. Or if you are brave, get pretty ones that are loose at the bottom that you can lift up and have a nursing vest top underneath.

5. Capes ‘n Covers


If you are BF in public, you might need more than a little Muslin square to cover you. Quite a few of my friends wore capes to cover themselves in public – Bebe au lait seem to be most popular – but others got away with a cleverly placed pashmina or an Abel & Anais muslin. The key is not to panic and get yourself all flustered when it happens (as I did!) You’ll only end up drawing attention to yourself AND exposing yourself, when really no one would have noticed otherwise.

6. Breast Pump


In my electric v manual breast pump strawpoll on Facebook, my mummies voted 90% electric. I would recommend the Medela mini electric breast pump, even though I never used it. I was lucky to get a loan of an Avent double pump from my friend Anita, which was very fortunate indeed. But it wasn’t portable and a bit fiddly so expressing always felt like a big deal. My sister had the Medela one and it just looked so much handier; I mean, she could load a washing while expressing- how cool was that. This display of multitasking was beaten only by my friend Sam who regularly breastfed on one boob, pumped on the other and did a spot of online shopping on the iPhone with her free hand.

My issue with expressing was that I fairly soon had one under-performing and one over-performing boob (the Dud and the Megaboob I liked to call them). So for quite some time I was getting very little milk from The Dud, and expressing constantly to try to ‘stimulate’ the bugger. It was very frustrating to say the least.

One good piece of advice I was given, however, was to wait until you know you can BF before you invest £70+ in a pump. Some mummies just don’t produce enough milk to express, so ideally borrow one if you can.

7. In Case of Emergency


Even though you are BF, have some baby formula in the cupboard. You might never have to use it, but it is very reassuring to know that it is there if you aren’t producing enough milk/just can’t do it/are knackered/ get mastitis etc and – this is important – it’s not poison! If you have to use it, it’s fine, don’t allow any midwife or health visitor or well-meaning yummy mummy tell you any different. I was terrified to start using formula, but was then reminded that my friend’s little baby was fed formula milk for the first days of his life because he was premature and in neonatal AND IT WAS FINE. I also found out that I was never ever breastfed, not even for a day. Apparently it wasn’t advised as formula was all the rage back then. And I’m FINE (mostly).

Aptimel and SMA seem to be the most popular, but there are lots of others – some friends use HiPP Organic, and there’s always the old favourite Cow & Gate.

8. Drinking from a bottle


Even if you never use formula, it is a brilliant idea to get your little duck used to drinking expressed breast milk from a bottle. Honestly, it is so important to encourage this early so that at some stage in the near future you can leave your little one in the capable hands of your partner, mum, sister, neighbour while you go to the hairdressers, the gym, amdram rehearsals, or just get out of the house. Again there are lots of brands of bottles out there. You might try out a few different ones and it’ll really be a personal preference. I was always told that Dr Brown bottles reduced wind but I wasn’t a big fan of the long teat- it just didn’t seem very boob-like (you imagine that something as close to the boob as possible is best). I also tried Avent bottles as they came free with the steriliser, but didn’t really like them.

In the end I went for Tommee Toppee as it was recommended on a lot of websites and won lots of awards & have used them since. You’ll need No. 1 teats for the first few months and then can upgrade to no. 2 and no. 3 as they grow up and need a faster flow. I mistakenly missed out on no. 3s for a while and poor Maggie was sucking the life out of the bottle and taking ages to feed.

9. Steriliser


You will need a steriliser for bottles, teats, breast pump utensils, dummies. I bought a Philips Avent microwave steriliser – they’re currently half price on amazon I’ve noticed – and it was great. You can fit 6 Avent bottles in there or 4/5 Tommee Tippee ones, which is plenty.
link to website here
I did end up buying a larger plug-in digital steam steriliser as we were going on a road trip to France and I was worried that we wouldn’t find microwaves on the way. I shouldn’t have, there was one at every motorway service station and on the boat, and the digital steriliser was just bigger, bulkier and held one additional bottle. Not worth the £50.

10. Weaning baby


When you decide to stop BF and are weaning off, you’ll find that your boobs get really big and heavy (and sore. Oh so sore). And of course you’re not meant to express the excess milk as it defeats the purpose.

So, a funny story to end – as I was weaning my Megaboob off around 3 months (The Dud was practically empty anyway) it got particularly big and sore and Full. So full in fact that it was rock hard. I swear to God I thought it was going to explode. I happened to be in Hammersmith at the time doing a spot of shopping, so I raced to the car park as I desperately needed to get home to express. I put Maggie in her carseat and was about to start the engine, but honestly the Megaboob was seriously sore and getting bigger and bigger. Could it explode? Hell, I didn’t know, but it was looking likely. So, after a cursory look around and seeing no one coming, I wound down the window, took the boob out, stuck it out the window and just pressed on it. Whooooooosh! The relief was palpable. Of course I’ve since thought about the security cameras which might have picked up an image the security men will never forget. You know, I always said I’d never tell that story, but there it is. If you didn’t laugh…

So, Good luck! And do get in touch if you want any non-judgmental advice.
Some official helpline numbers below

National Breastfeeding Helpline 0300 100 0212
NCT Breastfeeding Line 0300 330 0771
La Leche League 0845 120 2918
The Breastfeeding Network 0300 100 0210
The Association of Breastfeeding Mothers 08444 122 949

Top 10 things new mummies can’t do without

1. Muslin Squares


Everyone says it, and everyone is right. You will need them for everything from mopping up milk on your little one, to mopping up boke on you; from emergency changing mats when you forget yours to emergency bibs; from sunshades to playmats; they can (just about) cover your boob if you are caught out & need to breastfeed in public and can be used as an alternative to cotton wool to top and tail your little one. I have always used one as a comfort blanket as they are so light and breathable and Maggie still uses them now. They are, in a word, indispensable. Just make sure you get enough of them! You can get them everywhere: Boots, Asda, Mothercare, Amazon – the cheapest I found were at Tesco for less than £1 each – but there are prettier ones too. These ones are from www.toysrus.co.uk £6.99 for 4

2. An iPhone


Or similar. Apart from the obvious benefit of taking great quality photos and videos of your little munchkin, it also becomes an essential lifeline for the new mum (well, me anyway). It saw me through those early, sleepless nights in so many ways..online sudoku games, online shopping for newborn essentials, being able to read a book or magazine with just the nightlight and your iPhone, all while your little one doesn’t sleep or tries to sleep. Once the fog of those first weeks have lifted, it is great to be able to share photos, update your Facebook and Twitter friends, email your new NCT mums to arrange coffee mornings, book your trial class at Gymboree, write a blog (!), without it feeling like too much of a chore.

(Of course, as your little one grows it will become his or her Favourite Thing too, but that’s for another day and another post). If you don’t own a Smartphone now, you should! Believe me you’ll never look back.

3. Lansinoh nipple cream


Nipple cream is essential. This one was recommended to me by lots of mums. Thankfully I didn’t get it too bad myself and only used about 1/4 tube throughout the whole BF episode, but I know some mummies who had to lather it on constantly & went through quite a few tubes! Just buy one to start with and see how you go.

4. Aden & Anais Muslin Swaddling Blanket /Muslin Squares


Brilliant for all the reasons listed above as they are basically very large muslin squares, but a friend told me that they would be the most useful present I received and she was right! Especially for summer babies, these are so soft and light they make perfect swaddling blankets to keep babies warm without overheating (all new mummies freak out about this, right?) Apparently a big hit in the US amongst celebrities like Gwen Stefani and Julia Roberts, they are becoming a big hit here too. I got mine from my friend Anna from www.amazon.co.uk

5. Ariel Whitening Powder


You will get a lot of what my sister and I call ‘up the backers’, where literally your little dote has pooed and it has gone up and out the back of the nappy. Could equally be called ‘out the siders’ for the same reason. When this happens his or her little vest tends to be full of the stuff, so you need to steep it straight away in this. This miracle powder was recommended by my sister-in-law mum of 3 after a particularly nasty up-the-back incident which threatened to ruin forever Maggie’s new, white, designer sleepsuit (a gift, of course). But no, steeped in this (you can add it to your main wash too), the stain disappeared like magic. Miracle stuff I tell you.

6. Geraldine the Giraffe


It doesn’t have to be Geraldine herself, of course, but very early on Maggie adopted her favourite toy, and the two of them are best friends still. Geraldine is great because she has black and white crackly feet (baby’s favourite colours apparently) and lots of rings which she had used to reach for, grab onto and chew on as she has grown. Now the pair of them just chew the fat and have a good old yarn.

7. A Rocking Chair


A great place for your little one to chill out, go for a snooze, mooch in, play in, sit in while you have a sneaky shower or pee (!) and later reach for and play the mobiles attached to it. One friend took hers everywhere as their little one loved it so; another swore that the chair on vibration was the only thing that chilled hers out when he was little.

They do grow out of them quite quickly so try to borrow one from a friend if you can. Our friend Susan lent us hers which was a huge help as you only need it for about 6 months.

8. A Bucket Bath


I was very confused about baby baths when I was pregnant with Missy. The books didn’t help – the advice seemed to swing from a baby plastic bath to no bath at all (one suggested taking a bath with your darling one every time they needed it. I did try it – but it’s hard enough getting your little one out and dried and powdered and nappied and creamed without doing the whole thing stark naked!) So I called upon my Facebook mummies and the resounding consensus for those first few months was a bucket bath. I don’t think this is the actual name but it’s what my mum called it when she first saw it: ‘What? You’re going to bath Maggie in a BUCKET!?’ (I’ve just googled it, it’s called a Tummy Tub). Not only do they look very cute in them, it really helps bring up wind and they get to sit up in lovely warm water almost unaided from such an early age. It helps make bathing a very relaxing and enjoyable experience for everyone.

9. Cloud B Sleep Sheep


A strange one to recommend on my Top 10, as I didn’t actually buy one! But I was very lucky as Maggie was a good sleeper from the start. For those of my friends whose little ducks didn’t sleep so contentedly, many of them swore by the Sleep Sheep. They rated them up there with other ‘white noise’ devices like the Hoover and the hairdryer to help settle their little ones.

10. A Baby First Aid Kit

Along with general First Aid Kit essentials, this collection should include :

For every ailment- Calpol
To check baby’s temperature- a good quality digital thermometer. Many people (me included) have the Braun Digital Ear Thermometer
For colds/blocked noses- saline spray, decongestant rub & a plug-in vapouriser
For ezcema- every baby is different so you’ll end up trying everything! I have found Cetraben Emollient cream or Epaderm is best for everyday moisturising and Hydrocortisone cream (sporadically) for bad patches.
My friend’s mum swears by a herbal remedy Chickweed, but I’ve not tried it, so ask your health visitor and health shop to advise you.
For teething- Teething gel & powders. I found the powders worked better (Nelsons) but used both for bad cases
For nappy rash- typically linked to teething, sometimes you need Canesten if normal nappy cream isn’t clearing it.

Until you get to know your own little bundle & what particular things might ail them you’ll just need Calpol. And cuddles.

Welcome to my blog

I am thrilled that eight of my good friends are pregnant & due to have little bambini in 2012. So, before my mushy brain forgets everything that the last 8 months have taught me, I have decided to share some of the advice and funny stories that helped me get through those first, mad, wonderful, crazy, incredible few months with my little duck. And of course we are still learning on the job so I hope all you mummies out there will continue to share your advice and entertain us with your witty banter.

So, to my scrummy mummies & mummies-to-be, this blog is for you. Enjoy!

Love Me & Maggie aka Missy, Duck, baby bean (8 1/4months)

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