Surprise, Surprise!

Lovely blogger Sarah Miles, author of not one but two yummy blogs, The Voice of Sarah Miles and What Would Nigella Do nominated me for a Beautiful Blogger Award. I feel very unworthy of this, particularly considering that I have been neglecting my blogging duties badly for over six weeks.


But I think the award – which stipulates that I share ten interesting facts about myself – will go some way towards explaining my absence….

1. Six weeks ago I lost weight. So much so that on at least four separate occasions people mentioned it to me – and not in a good way. ‘Wow, look at the weight you’ve lost’; ‘Gosh Claire, have you lost weight?’; ‘Where the hell have you disappeared to?’ The issue is that when I do lose a few pounds it comes straight off my face so I look a little skeletal. Not a good look.

2. Five weeks ago I was performing in a show in Guildford, ‘Company’, with my wonderful friends Nan, Barry and Twig. The week before the show started we had a luxury Saturday night off from rehearsals so Twig, Nan and I decided to go out for a glass of wine and food with our poor, dear other halves. We had a deadly wee night and I got far too tipsy on only 4 glasses of red wine. The next morning I was up with a blinding hangover at 6.30am. At 8.30am I was being sick into the sink. I couldn’t believe that I was so ill and yet hadn’t had that much to drink, so I put the sickness down to ‘exhaustion’ from being in the show.

3. During rehearsals and during the week of the show I had pretty bad stomach cramps. I put the stomach cramps down to ‘exhaustion’ from being in the show and secretly hoped that I didn’t have a stomach ulcer.

4. Each night of the show I squeezed myself into Twig’s size 8 dress which her mummy had sent me over from Ireland. On the last night the button popped on the dress. ‘Must be starting to put on some of that weight again’, I thought to myself.

5. I have been so absolutely exhausted for the last six weeks or so.

6. When I explained my symptoms to John he jokingly asked if I was pregnant. It was a joke because I was then the skinniest I have been in a long time. It was also a joke because I have a copper coil fitted and it is practically impossible to get pregnant when you have one.

7. A copper coil is said to be over 99 per cent effective in preventing pregnancy.

8. Four weeks ago I would have recommended the copper coil to anyone as a good contraceptive.

9. I would no longer recommend the copper coil as a good contraceptive.

10. I am now twelve weeks pregnant with baby number 2.


Welcome to my blog

I am thrilled that eight of my good friends are pregnant & due to have little bambini in 2012. So, before my mushy brain forgets everything that the last 8 months have taught me, I have decided to share some of the advice and funny stories that helped me get through those first, mad, wonderful, crazy, incredible few months with my little duck. And of course we are still learning on the job so I hope all you mummies out there will continue to share your advice and entertain us with your witty banter.

So, to my scrummy mummies & mummies-to-be, this blog is for you. Enjoy!

Love Me & Maggie aka Missy, Duck, baby bean (8 1/4months)

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